Commodity: Aviation Keronene JP 54

specifications: Russian standard export specifications

Origin: Russia

Quantity: 1000,000 - 4000,000 BBLS spot/ Monthly

Duration 12 Months

Delivery Port: FOB Rotterdam/ Houston Port

FOB Price per BBL: US $ 24 Gross, $ 20 Net

CIF Price per BBL: US $ 26 Gross, $ 24 Net

Commission: Seller pays $2.00 to the seller side and $2.00 to the Buyer side

Delivery schedule: Lifting schedule according to the contract

inspection: SGS in the Seller Cost

Payment Terms: Payment is to be made by means of swift MT 103 for first lift payable against transfer of Deed of ownership by the Buyer. the Buyer shall take direct ownership of the product deliverd in Tanks.