Diesel fuel EN590 10 ppm

1. Buyers issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) addressed to the
Seller's Refinery along with company profile and buyer passport.
2. Seller issues the draft SPA for buyer's review and signing
3. Seller issues the below PPOP document.
A. Product Quality Passport Quality Certificate.
B. Certificate of Product Origin.
C. Product availability
D. Commitment letter to supply the product from Ministry of Energy.
 E. Authorization to Sell and Collect.
4. Buyer’s bank per seller’s verbiage shall issue SBLC/DLC within six (6) working days for first shipment’s value to seller’s financial bank to enable the seller to commence loading of a product with the shipping company. seller to finalize loading within six (6) working days. But if the buyer fails to issue SBLC/DLC within six (6) working days, as an alternative provision buyer pays 3% of the total product value directly via MT103 as a transaction guarantee which will be deducted from the product’s invoice value of the product at the destination port.
5. After confirmation by seller’s bank, the seller at own expense, charters with shipping/logistic company, and alert buyer on shipment ordered graphic/schedule accompanied with the submission of nominated Vessel details to the buyer.
6. Seller’s bank responds with contractual operative 3% PB and full POP to buyer’s bank within seventy - Two (72) hours since buyer’s instrument confirmed by seller’s bank
A. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.
B. Copy of the CPA, to Transport the Product to Discharge Port. C. Vessel Q88.
D. Original BL (full set).
E. Copy of SGS Report.
7. Upon successful product confirmation against the SGS/CIQ Report of Quality and Quantity at the destination port, the buyer makes payment by MT103.
8. Seller and buyer, within seventy-two (72) hours, the seller pays commissions to the seller side, and the buyer pays buyer side intermediaries involved in the transaction