Aviation Jet Fuel A1

                                                                                                               OFFICIAL PROCEDURE NON-NE GOTIABLE

                                                                                                                          Tank to Vessel procedure

                                                                                                             FOB Rotterdam – DLC / SBLC Payment Method

  1. The Buyer issues an ICPO containing the Company Registration Certificate, the Buyer’s Passport, the Seller’s working procedure, and banking details. In addition, the Buyer should send the valid CPA (Charter Party Agreement) and a BCL (Bank Comfort Letter). All required documents should go via authorized company to government/diplomat. Authorized company must show his official letter inclusive copy passport of diplomat.
  2. If the Buyer’s CPA is accepted, the Seller issues a Commercial Invoice of the product. The Buyer signs (all pages) the Commercial Invoice and returns it. 
  3. The Seller issues a copy of the Fresh SGS Report (within72hours) to the Buyer.
  4. Upon successful confirmation of the SGS Report verification by the Buyer, the Seller issues to the Buyer a Tank-to-Vessel Injection Agreement (TTVIA) to be endorsed by both the Seller and Buyer’s Logistic Company.
  5.  The Buyer provides a valid Q88 from its logistics company to the Seller. This opens the loading readiness process of the vessel.
  6. The Seller issues the following POP documents to the Buyer:
    a. Fresh Q&Q Report.
    b. Injection Report.
    c. Unconditional Dip Test Authorization Letter (DTA).
    d. Authorization to Sell and Collect (ATSC).
    e. Fresh SGS Report (already provided).
    f. Authorization to verify the product in the Seller’s tank (ATV).
    g. Certificate of Origin.
  7. Export License.
  8. Upon the satisfactory results of the dip test conducted by the Buyer’s Inspection team, the Seller’s storage Company issues to the Buyer, the Notice of Readiness (NOR) to inject the product into the vessel. The Buyer makes the payment for the total value of the product through the means of MT-103-TT. Once the payment is received, the Seller gives the order to inject the product to the vessel. 
  9. Subsequently, monthly delivery continues according to the terms of the commercial invoice (or FCO) and the transaction is extended by issuance of a 12 months contract (SPA) with possible R&E by the seller.