Virgin D6 Fuel Oil
Quantity: Minimum 100,000,000 Gallons - Maximum 500,000,000 Gallons weekly/Manthly
Price: Gross   $0.98 - Net   $0.88/ Gallon
Commission: Seller side $0.05  - Buyer side $0.05
                                                                     (FOB Rotterdam/ Houston)

1- Buyer issues Company Profile, ICPO, Buyer's Passport and Tank storage Agreemen, TSA.

2- Seller verifies Buyer Company Registration, including Buyers TSA and issues Commercial Invoice for the trial delivery.

3- Upon Buyer's sign back of Commercial Invoice, Buyer request Buye's Tank farm Invoice for injection time to Seller.

4- Seller processes payment to Buyer's Tank farm per the invoice and issues injection schedule and pays the injection Fee and Buyer's tank farm issues TSR and ATV.

5- Upon completion of injection into Buyers Tank by Seller, Seller issues DTA in the same day.

6- Buyer conducts the Dip test at Buye's Expense.

7- Upon successful inspection Report of Q & Q, Seller issues ATSC and Certificate of origin to Buyer and Buyer pays for the product in full by MT103/ TT  within 24 hours and Seller transfers the Title.

8- Seller and Buyer sign 12 Months Contract.

                                                                                     Detailed transaction procedure

1- Buyer issues ICPO and Company Registration Certificate or any I.D with TSA for Seller's verification.

2- Seller issues Draft Commercial Invice, Buyer signs and returns to seller with his Tank storage Agreement.

3- Seller lease and pays the Buyer's Tank for four (4) days, for the injection process, Buyer do pay his Tank farm Company for One (1) day after his Tank farm Company received the payment from Seller Company.

4- Seller provides full POP Documents:

a)- Fresh SGS report less than 48 hours

b)- Dip test authorization- unconditional

c)- Inject Report

d)- Tank storage Receipt with GPS coordinates

e)- Tank farm Bar-code information

f)- Letter of Commitment to supply

g)- Registration Certificate and export Licence copy

h)- Authorization to sell and collect (ATSC)

I)- Endorsed injection schedule by the Buyer and Buyer Tank farm

j)- ATV- for physical verification

k)- Irrevocable commitment to sypply for spot and 12 Months Contract

l)- injection schedule signed by Buyer and Buyer's Tank farm

5- Buyer conducts Dip-test in Seller's Tank via SGS on Buyer's Cost, Seller inject the Fuel to Buyer's Tank and Buyer makes payment based on Q & Q by MT103/TT according to the final commercial Invoice.

6- Seller transfers the Title of ownership as per Buye's instruction. Buyer lifts the Product.

7- Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subssequently monthly contract shipments continues as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase agreement contract between Buyer and Seller.



                                                                                                  CIF Buying Procedure


1- Buyer issues ICPO/LOI , scan Passport+ Company Profile

2- Seller issues the SPA upon approval of the Buyers ICPO. Buyer countersignes the SPA. Seller registers and legalizes the endorsed SPA with the necessary legal authority, and pays for the all required Government associated Fees for their services.

3- Seller issues the following PPOP Documents

a)- Certificate of origin

b)- Product analysis Passport Certificate

c)- Commitment Letter to supply product

d)- Commercial invoice, containing Seller verbiage NOTE: Buyer's bank must be internationally recognized Top world 50), Irrevocable master fee protection agreement (IMFPA) to intermediaries involved.

4- Buyer within 7 working days, Buyer's Bank issues to Seller's Bank swift operative standbay Letter of credit SBLC/BG via MT760 or Documentry Letter of credit DLC via swift MT700 for the entire shipment total product value.

5- Seller Lodges and activates a 2% PB (Performance Bond/ Performanc Guarantee) in the faqvor of the Buyer. if the seller fails to supply the Cargo shipment of the Product to the Buyer, this 2% performance bond will be paid/ forteided to the Buyer.

NOTE: if the Buyer fails to issue transferable SBLC, within 7 working days Buyer pays via TT $180,000, a guarantee performance which will be deducted from the product value when final payment is made.

6- The Seller swifts to Buyer's Bank or secured Email the following POP/Vessel Documents:

a)- Copy of Licence to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy

b)- Certificessel Registration Certificate

c)- Copy of BOL

d)- Vessel Q88

e)- Vessel Registration Certificate

f)- Ullage Report

g)- Cargo Manifest

h)- International Loadline Certificate

i)- copy of contract to transport the product to the poert

j)- Copy of the Charter party Agreement(s) to transport the Product to discharge Port

h) Copy of SGS Report

7- Shipment commences as per signed contract delivery schedule and which is expected to arrive at Buyer's discharge Port within 10 - 30 days which depends on the distance of the port. the SGS inspection will be borne by the Seller at the loading seaport and by the Buyer at the unloading seaport.

8- Buyer released payment to Seller by MT103/TT upon receipt of the shipping Documents and confimation of the Q & Q by SGS/CIQ at destination port.

Important special Clause

Buyer's target prices are allowd for negotiation, all ICPO must be issued according to the supplier's Terms and procedures for better understanding and swift transaction,