we provide Tank storage for lease in Fujairah, Rotterdam, and Houston

Please follow the procedure,

Tank Storage Procurement procedures:
1.Lessee issue letter of intent with company details, indicate types of products and quantity.
2.Tank storage company issue storage contract to lessee.
3.Lessee sign seal the storage contract and send back to Storage Company for acceptance.
4.Upon receipt of signed storage contract by the Lessee, Storage Company issues payment invoice for the procurement of the storage tanks space. The storage tanks are put in reserve for 5 working days. If the invoice is not paid on time, after 5 working days the storage tanks are withdrawn from the reserve and re-entered into free sale.
5.Upon payment, the Lessee sends the payment receipt to the storage company for confirmation with their bank.
6.Upon confirmation of the Lessees payment for procurement of the storage tank. The storage company issues the tank storage receipt consisting of the tank numbers & coordinates.
7.Subsequently the Lessee informs the storage company with the ETA of their products.
8.Upon confirmation of the ETA of Lessees product, Storage Company reverts with letter of readiness to receive the products. Loading and discharging commences accordingly.
Note:  above is our working procedure, but for any client who want to come for physical verification on our tank storage facilities, before payment, will need to pay for the Registration/Commitment Fee. this payment will enable us book appointment and make proper arrangement for the client